Controversial Olympics logo unveiled for 2012 games

What was your reaction when you first saw the new Olympic logo? I am sure my face expression was the same as many print and web designers out there when it was splashed across the papers and on the television. I thought the logo used for the bid was more consistent with the Olympic games identity but I have to give the new logo alot of credit due to the fact that it has got people talking about it and also got people designing and uploading their own representations online.

What happened to the famous colourful Olympic rings which have symbolised the multi-competitive nature of the games? Has the London 2012 organising committee decision to go for a shock and alternative route worked ? The jagged emblem, based on the date 2012, comes in a series of shades of pink, blue, green and orange and will evolve in the run-up to the Games. Lots of discussions and lots of questions to be answers, or can we learn to love the new logo by 2012.