On Twitter, everyone can hear your scream

There’s been a bit of an explosion in Twitter use in the last few months. Ever since Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross, amongst other high-profile celebrities started openly twittering, it’s all of a sudden the in-thing to be doing.

However, with this increase in activity comes an exciting and also worrying by-product. What many people forget is that every time you tweet, you’re tweeting to the entire Internet (unless you’ve protected your Twitter updates). Obviously, most of the time, your tweets simply vanish into the ether for the majority of users that don’t follow you. However there are those Twitter users that are monitoring the system; watching for mentions of themselves or their products.

I recently recommended a product verbally to some people here at Dusted and Jamie happened to thank me via Twitter for introducing him to it. The product was DestroyTwitter (a twitter desktop client) and almost immediately after Jamie posted his comments, Jonnie Hallman, creator of DestroyTwitter, sent me a tweet thanking me for spreading the word.

On a slightly more negative note, I recently posted a tweet announcing that I was unsubscribing from a particular RSS feed (which I won’t name). I didn’t think too much about, what I thought, was just a harmless, slightly tongue-in-cheek message. I subsequently received a tweet from the founder of the site in question with a very gracious message simply saying that I would be welcome back any time.

So, always remember, nothing is private on the Internet, walls have ears, etc. Conversely, businesses and individuals should keep an ear to the ground for mentions of themselves and their products & services. Using tools like Twitter Search you can set up RSS feeds for specific search terms so you can keep on top of your reputation on this increasingly important channel. Feel free to follow me and my carefully thought-through tweets.

Photo credit: Flickr user peasap