social networks

15.07.11 / Dan

Google plus! Facebook minus?

Google Plus is the new social network from Google. This post looks into the real reasons it has come about, and outlines exactly what it does – analysing some of it’s main features and comparing them to existing social networks. Why has it come about? Vic Gundotra, Google’s engineering boss believes “online sharing is broken. ...

08.12.10 / David

Wikileaked all over

The political hot potato that surrounds the arrest, custody and legal battle of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is set to run and run and I’m sure by Christmas, the story will still be headline news. I’m not about to debate whether ‘his’ site is morally right or wrong (personally I believe some things are probably ...

05.11.07 / David

Well connected

Does the World (Wide Web) need another social networking site? Kylie seems to think so as today saw the launch of KylieKonnect – the social networking site for Kylie fans. All seems rather niche to me (this could quite easily be just a group on Facebook) and other than an excuse to put Kylie on ...