Dry January is barely over and Dusted already has reason to celebrate.

Our client, dormakaba – a global leader in access control and security solutions – has won the German Design Award for “Excellent Communications Design – Corporate Identity,” spotlighting the transformative brand refresh achieved through our collaboration.

The goal of the refresh for dormakaba was steering its corporate identity toward a contemporary design to benchmark against other leading brands outside their industry. In doing so, it was pivotal to maintain consistency across all touchpoints through digital adaptability, as well as weave compelling narratives for wider campaigns. So, our work was anchored in strategic vision, with a strong focus on simplifying complex technological topics and making them relatable.

Our approach to the rebrand involved identifying weaknesses in the old corporate identity and introducing tailored solutions. We strengthened dormakaba’s visual and semantic consistency via suitable content. The infusion of a unique font with a new layout system, and a distinctive brand tag also contributed to a reinvigorated identity, recognisable across all interfaces. This is what dormakaba Senior Brand Specialist Robin Carpenter had to say about the new look:

While staying true to our strong heritage, we minimised the corporate design elements to maximise space for telling our story. These narratives are built around places that matter to people using our products.

As our focus shifts to the future, Dusted is now committed to helping dormakaba expand their global training initiatives, equipping teams with the tools to breathe life into the new corporate brand worldwide.

This award once again proves our excellence in pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and developing brand narratives that resonate globally. We want to congratulate dormakaba for their achievement and are always very proud to work in partnership with such visionary and inspirational client teams.

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