Brand reinvigoration for celebrity chef Aldo Zilli

Celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli, recently commissioned Dusted to carry out a brand reinvigoration of his group of Soho restaurants in preparation for the opening of Zilli Green – a new and innovative vegetarian restaurant.

His former flagship West End restaurant, Signor Zilli Soho, has been entirely remodelled and re-branded by Dusted to celebrate Aldo’s commitment to healthy living and to fully modernise the Zilli brand. The new Zilli Green restaurant has been the catalyst for this change and will reinforce the message that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be dull or tasteless – but exciting and delicious.

When explaining the concept for the new restaurant Zilli said, “There is a big move away from meat and fish as it takes so much more energy to produce. The new restaurant will use local, organic produce, serve organic wines and be tin-free. We will recycle everything.”

Zilli Green will offer an exciting seasonal menu in stylish surroundings. Dusted have created an interior which is fresh, informal and contemporary, largely using reclaimed natural materials, reflecting Aldo’s commitment to recycling and promoting a healthier way of living.

The fresh new brand identity will be seen first as part of the restaurant signage and website – also under development by Dusted and set to showcase all the other venues within the Zilli Group including Zilli Fish, Zilli Café and Zilli Bar.

Each has it’s own unique positioning but all are based on the same ethos of good produce and a convivial atmosphere.

Zilli Green opens on Valentine’s Day this weekend.