Dusted chocolatey bake off!

We’ve recovered from the Dusted Christmas Doo, and this year we’re back to the long-standing tradition of a Dusted bake off!

‘Twas twelve nights before Christmas, and all through Dusted,
We were all freakin’ stuffed – our belt buckles adjusted.
We’ve sponge on our fingers and mouths smeared with cream,
‘Cause we just had a bake off with a chocolate cake theme!

Highlights from previous bake offs have included me and my giant hobnob (ahem), Rose just missing out on first place for her Yule Log, or when Lucy wonagain, and again.

This year we had a simple but challenging brief – chocolate. The Dusted team had to make a cake (specifically) with chocolate as the main ingredient, a simple but powerful challenge! It was up to the brave cake testers to try every chocolate cake and score them (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta etc.). Scoring this year came under four categories:

  • Appearance
  • Structural integrity (not to be confused with moral integrity)
  • Texture
  • Taste

This year had some great visual designs and very inventive flavours, so, with no further beating about the bush, what were the results?

Ranking Dustedian Score
1 Ollie 531.5
2 Dave 515.5
3 Darren 501
4 Ilze 496.5
5 Lucy 492
6 Matt 489.5
7 El 483.5
8 Jess 481
9 Jamie 464
10 Ric 424.5
11 Amy 421

Thanks to all the people who used decimals in their scores, this is the Olympic Synchronised Diving event, after all.

The quality was very high this year and even those at the bottom of the table should be congratulated for feeding us delicious cake. But the top three stood out. Darren’s Guinness Cake (with an entire pint of Guinness mixed in) took third, while my delicately sculpted Chocolate Orange Cake came in second. But almost universal was the decision that Ollie and his Brooklyn Blackout wins the competition, with his generous layers of homemade chocolate custard and popping candy topping.

Well done everyone, I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done to my diet. Particular congratulations to Ollie, we hope you enjoy that number 1 thing we found outside and stuck a post-it note to.