Mobile website

I never thought I would say this but for once one spam mail had some interesting information. The email was from an event I went to a few years back and entered my name on their mailing list.

Back then the discussion was about the possibilities of having a mobile website, which was hosted by a mobile web technology company called Bango. At the time some interesting ideas were circling around the web community and discussion on how a hand-held device could allow users to tame all the information available on the web and also how this device would look like was also a big topic at the event.

That feels like a life time ago because now most recent phones gives the user the ability to view the web by just a touch away. The survey carried out by Bango had some interesting results, especially when they asked the question; “Does your company have a mobile website?” I wonder how many of those companies have a website but it can not be viewed on a mobile phone due to bad accessibility and usability.

I want to share these results with you, here’s what 550 businesses said about their mobile strategy:

1) Does your company have a mobile website?

  • Yes: 50%
  • Are considering: 25%
  • No: 25%

2) Which of the following mobile web metrics are important to you?

  • The daily/weekly/monthly number of unique visitors to your mobile website – 80%
  • Conversion rates/effectiveness of mobile marketing – 71%
  • New/repeat visitors – 58%
  • Information about the handsets your visitors use – 54%
  • Location – 50%
  • The mobile networks used by visitors to your mobile website – 41%

3) How do you/would you fund your mobile site?

  • Sell Content and services: 41.3%
  • Ad-funded: 28%
  • Marketing investment: 30.7%

4) Are you looking to use mobile web analytics tools in the next 6 months?

  • Yes 51%
  • No 27.7%
  • Already using 21.3%

5) Are you currently doing mobile web marketing/advertising?

  • Yes 38.6%
  • No 32.8%
  • Considering 28.6%