Rankin goes live!

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Rankin Private View at The Truman Brewery a couple of weeks ago and was astonished by the array of amazing work displayed at the exhibition.

As I entered the building a strong security presence made sure that it was only a selected few managed to enter the private view. My first live experience of his work as I entered was being greeted by a series of his photographs from the special projects section on the website, which were detailed eye photography study of the human iris entitled – Eyescapes. The different colour mixes with the deep black pupil got me a step closer to seeing into one’s soul. The pupil sizes must have been controlled by light to determine a person’s neurological function.

My favourites are the fashion photography series which shows off the artist eccentricity and desire to portray women as beautiful supreme beings. A-list celebrities lined up to see how the audience would perceive the portraits, from raw bacon-layered Goldie portraits to Michael Jackson‘s lookalike portrait next to the real Michael’s photography. I’m still not sure whether it is the real man himself or two impersonators’ photographs placed side by side.

Rankin Live is a special interactive exhibition of Rankin photographing members of the public for a slight donation and all profits of each participant’s application fee will go to Oxfam.

Rankin Live
31 July 09 – 18th September 09

Old Truman Brewery
85 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL