The BI Wines and Spirits Rebrand

This week we are pleased to announce the rebrand and website created for BI Wines and Spirits – one of the UK’s leading fine wine merchants.

They were not known as BI until recently, but instead Bordeaux Index, a name the company had outgrown. They felt the identity they had carved out for themselves over the years was not representative of who they are. Bordeaux Index was too narrow a name since they now sell wine from around the world and aim to diversify into the spirits market going forward.



Dusted’s task was to get to the core of who BI really are and wanted to be, and then present them with a new identity incorporating those traits. Our experience with wine producer, Dagon Clan, came in useful for our understanding of the industry. Like then, Dusted needed to get to the centre of the company philosophy and personality.

We were impressed by the character and enthusiasm behind BI – they clearly love what they do. They love to describe great stories of events, wines and places. We interviewed key individuals within the business to understand their thoughts, views and visions. We were pleased to discover a unanimous aspiration to be brave and to avoid fitting a familiar mould.

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From our immersion phase, we came up with the brand proposition, ‘a sense of’. It’s an emotive description that alludes to, but doesn’t specifically describe, a place, moment, event or wine. It had a wide appeal in the diverse world of wine and spirits. For example, ‘a sense of excitement’ aided by the visual of fresh grapes, representing the anticipation for production and the enthusiasm for their industry.

A sense of


From there we could expand into brand language, i.e. what we wanted BI to communicate in their design, as well as visual and written messaging. The concept of ‘desirability’ was a noun we played with a lot, as well as the sensual experience of consuming wines (taste, smell, visual etc). The visual language had to deliver authenticity and expertise, as BI and their clients were and are all wine connoisseurs and hugely passionate.

We decided on a monochromatic colour palette to reflect elegance and based the design language on the principles of luxury goods branding. This consisted of clever use of space with subtle patterns and premium printed finishes. We applied this theme to all the deliverables including the digital space, signage outside their offices, the company vehicles and packaging.


We also renamed the business ‘BI Wines and Spirits’ as this positioning retained the market equity they had established as Bordeaux Index, but also allowed them to fulfil their objective of diversifying into the global spirits market. It was a pleasure to work with BI Wines and Spirits; they respected our consultancy and vision of who and where they could be.

Plus we also enjoyed the fact that every meeting seemed to end with a swift one in their local: they’re pretty savvy with their beers, too!