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Gene Therapy

  • “Beacon’s brand has proved hugely successful in defining our new identity and acting as an anchor point for the integration of legacy companies internally. The clarity of our brand has also been well received externally, with a simple message and clear lineage to our ophthalmology mission.”

    Ben Rigby – VP, Business Operations, Beacon

Accessible digital performance

Understanding the diverse needs of Beacon’s audiences, we strategically developed a brand-new website that seamlessly merged functionality with accessibility.

Using a modern and flexible WordPress CMS, our solution involved a simplified approach to navigation to ensure a user-friendly experience, aligning with the inclusive platform Beacon aimed to establish. We implemented high-contrast colour schemes and customisable font sizes to cater to varying visual needs.

Additionally, interactive elements were designed with keyboard navigation in mind, guaranteeing an inclusive experience for users with different abilities. These features extended beyond conventional design considerations, striking a delicate balance with the visual identity of the brand.