Brand Research

You only know what you know, and you might want to know more.

Knowledge is everything, insight and clarity really do shine a light on the right pathways to successful businesses. As the Roman proverb describes “If you don’t know where you’re going then all roads will eventually end up leading there”. We want to provide the right roadmap that helps to inform decisions and guide the choices you make.

We can provide

  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups and mini-groups
  • Depth interviews (in person or on the phone)
  • Co-creation sessions
  • Competitor and market research
  • Benchmarking
  • Desktop research

Need brand research?

Brand research

Before you commit budget and resource to a particular project, brand research is a great way of informing the decision-making process based on insight, data and a holistic viewpoint.

You might be wondering if you should enter a new market, rename, refresh, rebrand or who should endorse your brand. It might just be time to understand how others feel about your business.

The term ‘brand research’ can also mean helping to inform some of the smaller decisions you need to make around products, services and even internal employer understanding. Brand research doesn’t always have to be focused on the ‘big picture’. Insight, clarity and data really add a huge amount of value at any strategic point in a businesses decision-making process.

Research solutions

Dusted can design and plan research for you as part of your branding project, or even help inform a decision on whether you should embark on any brand work at all. We can also create one-off research initiatives or ongoing reviews to help with your reporting and KPIs.

We can design solutions to:

– Inform your next move
– Understand your core audiences
– Ensure stakeholder engagement
– Shape your go-to-market messages
– Understand how audiences feel about you
– Spot opportunities differentiating your brand.

Need brand research?


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