There comes a time when even your favourite jeans or trusty suit are doing you no favours in the image department. They are either worn at the seams, no longer fit properly or look like they have time travelled from another era. How we present ourselves says so much about us.

It’s the same with your brand. It is a reflection of what your business stands for and what it offers in the market. Over time, as businesses and markets evolve there will inevitably be internal or external changes that prompt the questions; “Does our brand represent who we are today? And is it moving us towards where we want to be in the future? Does it align to our business strategy and give us a clear purpose or ownable position in the sector?” If the answer is no or even maybe, then it could be time to consider a rebrand.

We can provide.

  • Discovery and brand analysis
  • Brand strategy framework
  • Naming
  • Brand identity and design
  • Brand activation

Need a rebrand?

Whether it’s a new logo and visual identity or developing a completely new name and positioning, Dusted’s holistic approach to each rebranding project starts with getting a clear understanding of two key components.

What is the driver of the rebrand?

Is it the result of a merger or acquisition or is the market being disrupted? Do you need to signify a change of offer or positioning, or is your visual identity simply out of date?

Is there any equity in the current brand that needs to be retained?

Sometimes the heritage of a business needs to play a key role in the new brand story, it can add some vital authenticity as well as reassure existing stakeholders in the launch phase of the new brand identity.

Starting with discovery and brand analysis

Through stakeholder interviews and brand strategy workshops, Dusted gathers insights into audence motivations, needs and wants. We identify the key business attributes that need to be communicated. We also dig deep to understand what’s at the heart of the organisation and the people within it (it’s D.N.A.). See more about our research capabilities here

Definition equals clarity with a brand framework

To ensure internal understanding and alignment, and to aid consistent external expression we develop a simple and easy to understand brand framework which communicates the new brand strategy on a single page. These can include; Brand Purpose statement, Organising brand idea, Brand attributes, Brand personality traits and Brand values


Certainly not an easy endeavour, but rewarding when you get it right. Finding the perfect brand name requires the right blend of strategic insight and creative thinking, as well as plenty of due diligence.

Brand Identity and design

This is where we bring everything to life. We build dynamic brand identities that are both aesthetically beautiful and always strategically on point.

Brand Activation

The best brand in the world is nothing without a solid activation plan.
With the brand strategy pinned down and a visual identity that brings it to life, it needs to be applied across all touchpoints in a way that makes sense, is consistent and adds value at every stage.

Need a rebrand?


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