About Elevate

How Elevate works

What makes an elevated brand?

Businesses with elevated brands share a number of common behaviours

They are distinctive in their sector

They have a user-centric online experience

They go beyond features and functions

They keep things clear and simple

They activate their brands

They don’t stand still

What is Elevate?

View, compare, analyse

Elevate is a sector benchmark and digital performance analysis tool. It answers the questions ‘What fuels successful brands online?’ and ’What do I need to improve to deliver digital results?’

To evaluate your company’s digital strategies, Elevate:

  • Examines 40+ data points via renowned best practice tools
  • Analyses 600+ websites across 12 industries
  • Applies this data to score the 7 key digital metrics that drive success

Most excitingly, it provides a single-view visual comparison between you, your peers and the wider sector.

Thus, it allows you to holistically track your specific competitive landscape, create a pragmatic roadmap of improvements and embrace emerging digital trends.

Key digital metrics


What we measure


  • Social

    How effective your company is at using social media

    Manage your reputation and leadership position

  • SEO

    How well your website ranks on search engines

    Lead generation improvement

  • Security

    How well your website is protected against cyber-attacks

    Peace of mind to refocus

  • UX

    Does your website provide a good user experience?

    Increase user engagement

  • Content

    How well your content drives traffic and engagement

    Increase strategic audience engagement

  • MarTech

    How well your current MarTech performs

    Unlock better marketing capabilities

  • ESG

    How well your website communicates its values on people and planet

    Increased ESG engagement with investors, employees and media

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Join over 5,000 decision-makers now and uncover insights to help elevate your digital performance. Our Compare tool allows you to visualise your competitive landscape to benchmark against your peers and make data-driven business decisions.

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