About Elevate

How Elevate works

What makes an elevated brand?

Businesses with elevated brands share a number of common behaviours

They are distinctive in their sector

They have a user-centric online experience

They go beyond features and functions

They keep things clear and simple

They activate their brands

They don’t stand still

We utilise a set of 11 metrics split into two categories, across brand and digital. Get a clear and informative view on how your competition is performing across your sector.

Our brand metrics.


What we measure


  • Consistency

    How consistent is your brand across multiple touch-points?

    Improve brand trust and recollection

  • Clarity

    How clearly your brand communicates with its audiences

    Increase understanding and messaging

  • Sustainability

    How big your website carbon footprint is

    Improve website efficiency and sustainability

  • Humanism

    How likely it is that your brand will connect with its audiences

    Create authenticity and emotional engagement

  • Dynamism

    How current and active is the brand identity

    Drive improvement, modernity and forward motion

  • Responsibility

    Does the brand communicate its values on people and planet

    Increased ESG engagement with investors, employees and media

Our digital metrics.


What we measure


  • Social.

    How effective your company is at using social media

    Manage your reputation and leadership position

  • SEO

    How well your website ranks on search engines

    Lead generation improvement

  • Security

    How well your website is protected against cyber-attacks

    Peace of mind to refocus

  • UX

    Does your website provide a good user experience?

    Increase user engagement

  • Content

    How well your content drives traffic and engagement

    Increase strategic audience engagement

Elevate in action

Comparison tool

Analyse & contrast key performance metrics.

Our Brand and Digital radar maps illustrate the performance of each company. Benchmarked against 11 key categories get a clear view of who is outperforming who and why.


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    *Access is limited to one month from receipt of your access code. Further data access may be granted via a scheduled exploration meeting with the Elevate team. Dusted clients will receive unlimited access.

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