Creating a club full of rewarding experiences

Creds is a digital social club (app) built to help find, promote and reward places, friends and like-minded people.

Instead of wasting time researching social media pages, review sites, and websites, get it all at your fingertips with Creds. Members of the club share their reviews and help to promote great places, allowing you to also gain rewards via Creds points. The more feedback you give the more points you accumulate. Its not only places that can be reviewed but also great members of staff. Ultimately spend less time searching for the perfect place and start enjoying life a bit more.

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A new name for a new brand ‘Creds’ – ‘Rewarding experiences’

Working closely with the founder and the team we helped to deliver a bold name and proposition to clearly brings to life the benefits of this new concept in a very emotive way. The service revolves around the simple principles of ‘to get’ you have ‘to give’ so we communicated this in our value proposition of ‘Rewarding experiences’.

The naming concept of ‘Creds’ works on two levels, firstly it simply summed up the benefits of the service (places of merit), and secondly it has nice and street ring to it. The visual language and tone-of-voice are focused on positivity and sharing. The logo is designed to reflect a ‘permium club’ experience with a ‘monogram styled’ look and feel based around the idea of ‘networks’ and connections.


“Dusted engaged deeply in listening to our preliminary ideas, steered us appropriately when we were going a little too far ‘off piste,’ provided options for our team to consider, and delivered a product that we are all very proud of – a ‘work of art’ with both the Creds app and portal.”

Dan Hiza, Founder – Creds


App design and user experience

Once the core brand and visual identity elements had been created we moved our attention to the app user experience and interface design. Our goals we’re similar to the branding stage, the core focus was simplicity combined with a premuim styling. The app itself deals with large amounts of data feeds and a complexity of places and people needed to be managed and visualised in a clear and user friendly manner. The UI design theme utilises a striking colour palatte and clean layout making easy to navigate and a pleasure use.