Recoding the rules in the world of data driven business intelligence

Exasol is the world’s fastest, most intelligent, in-memory analytics database, transforming how businesses use data.

Exasol have developed the world‘s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing and we want to use it to help business overcome thier data pains and achieve business clarity. They are a team of creative, forward-thinking technologists who are passionate about helping companies run their businesses smarter and drive profits by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds.

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A new brand proposition – ‘Empowering analytics’

Working closely with the Global Marketing team and the board members we delivered a distinctive proposition to clearly capture the spirit, ethos and ambition of what the organisation stands for today and the future.

We identified the need to create a brand proposition based around empowerment, insight and ultimate speed. This theme allowed us to completely transform the brand language and visually bring to life the the business attitude of ‘recoding the rules’ of business intelligence.


“The design work provided by Dusted captured the essence of our brand and conveyed our message using engaging visuals. The fresh look for our brand was received with enthusiasm by our audience.”

Eva Murray, Head of Business Intelligence – Exasol


The website – their main customer acquisition tool.

Exasol are a digital business and their main focus of the rebrand was to create impact and enhance their digital presence – the website is a customer acquisituion tool and expectations were for the website to drive new business across all areas of the company.

We created user personas to understand the needs of users allowing us identify key areas of improvement in the user experience, site structure and content types. The new site was restructured and user experience uses enhanced navigation structures to help drive users to the relevent content. Our in house digital team built the site in WordPress with Hubspot integration in key customer signup areas to deliver a responsively driven experience that works seamlessly across both mobile and tablet.