The really, really, really smart way to monitor your homes energy consumption

Verv is an advanced home energy monitor that is taking energy monitors from ‘smart’ to ‘genius’.

Verv is a revolutionary new home energy monitor that will tell you how much money your appliances are costing you to use, giving you more control over your energy bills. With built-in safety features to notify you when appliances are left on, and fault detection to predict if your appliance is about to break this product really is the next generation in smart monitors. It all comes with a simple device and a IOS app to help track, inform and monitor all of your home energy uses.

Brand  |  Digital  |  Naming  |  Strategy

A new name for a new brand ‘Verv’ – ‘Master you power’

Working closely with the founder and tech team at Verv we helped to deliver a bold proposition to clearly bring to life the benefits of this new technology in a very tangible and understandable way. The device is aimed at home users so we decided to stay clear of technical jargon and focus on the user benefits of clarity, empowerment and simplicity.

Through the findings of our immersion stage we identified the need to create a brand name that related to the feeling of ‘energy’, a name that was distinctive and memorable. The visual language and tone-of-voice are focused on simplicity and clarity. The logo design is clean and modern with a design theme based on a ‘pulse’ of energy which cleverly echoes the ‘V’ of the product.


“The strategy, naming and conceptual process was extremely rewarding, the thinking and creative execution just brought our whole business brand to life, allowing us to create a real stand out brand in the marketplace”

Peter Davies, CEO – Verv


App design and user experience

Once the core brand and visual identity elements had been created we moved our attention to the app user experience and interface design. Our goals we’re similar to the branding stage, the core focus was simplicity and clarity of information. The app itself deals with large amounts of live data feeds and a complexity of home appliances that needed to be managed and visualised in a clear and user friendly manner. One of the key components of our design was the creation of a set of bespoke icons to simplify the interface allowing the users to quickly navigation through the complex monitoring process.