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Harrison Catering olympics promo

With the 2012 Olympics, the biggest sporting showcase on earth planned in the UK, HCS wanted to engage the children they serve and business and industry workers they cater for, in a sporting themed campaign. Dusted created an on-brand sporting surfaces look-and-feel, a series of games released in stages to schools and business, gaming collector cards for primary schools and multi-channel POS and sales promotion material for all retail areas.

Harrison Catering olympics cards


meals being served each day by approximately 2,000 staff across more than 270 locations.

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Harrison Catering poster
Harrison Catering cards
Harrison Catering point of sale
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Dusted have helped us stand out in our industry and they continue to evolve with us as we develop our business.

Claire Aylward, Joint Managing Director – Harrison Catering Services

Harrison Catering cards
Harrison Catering cards