This week saw the launch of Verbatim’s new brand identity at COMPUTEX in Taiwan. Verbatim is a world-renowned technology brand known for pioneering floppy disks and optical media for more than 50 years. Dusted were appointed earlier this year to deliver a new brand, designed to be modern, clean, and highly legible across all digital platforms.

Today, Verbatim operates as a global electronics business with a presence in over 120 countries and sales channels across four continents. Their latest product lineup features advancements in data storage devices, computer peripherals, accessories, and gaming solutions. However, the name Verbatim triggers a different association for those who remember the advent of digital data storage in the 70s and 80s.

Single or double-sided? Tab or no tab? These were common factors to consider when using floppy disks and Verbatim was there to meet those demands. Sturdy and reliable, its products were almost ubiquitous among other office staples, always there to deliver exactly what was needed.

For younger generations, however, these questions hold little significance. With newer data storage options, “floppies” are relics of the past. And with most programs now connected to the cloud, even modern solutions like CDs tend to be overlooked by audiences who have never known a life without the internet. For them particularly, modern living demands the ease and flexibility of minimal gadgetry.

Knowing this, Verbatim found a growth opportunity in the mobile accessories market, selling products like wall chargers, SSDs and Bluetooth trackers alongside CDs and burners, which are still a vital part of their offering. But with its focus on utility, it struggled to escape the confines of its own identity in communicating this evolution to the wider public

Dusted’s brief was to modernise Verbatim’s brand proposition and look and feel to resonate with modern consumers. To carve out a space for it in today’s cultural context, taking its products out of offices and placing them into people’s lives. In short, make Verbatim recognisable and desirable.

The process involved the humanisation and emotionalisation of what otherwise used to be a purely pragmatic brand. So, their products had to be repositioned from trusted office supplies to modern-day essentials. To signal this evolution, Dusted developed the tagline “Anywhere. Everyday.”

Supported by radiant imagery of people in various environments, from urban offices to countryside retreats, the copy places Verbatim at the heart of modern everyday living, where boundaries between work and play are exceedingly blurred. Thus, through copy like “Unforgettable. Everyday.” the functional act of burning a CD becomes a way of preserving memories, giving media a more tangible permanence than uploading it onto a third-party cloud database. Similarly, the portable charger becomes the lifeline keeping devices fully charged, and the meagre SD card becomes a storage of treasured moments.

Moreover, the new logo is modern, clean and highly legible across all digital platforms. The previous emblematic red and blue were dropped in favour of a lively coral, signalling a more uniform, single-minded design. The new colour, alongside the curved edges of the “V”, further softens the brand’s perception, shedding its corporate appearance. Thus, the logo is not just the literal representation of Verbatim through the virtue of being its initial – it is also a manifestation of their new personable approach, with Verbatim endearingly referring to it as their “Vision” symbol.

In response to the rebrand, Jonathan Colbourne, the Marketing Communications Manager at Verbatim Europe, said:

We can’t thank the team at Dusted enough for their exceptional work in bringing to life our new identity, tagline, packaging, website, supporting graphics, and launch video. They understood exactly what we needed, and their creativity and professionalism were outstanding, delivering everything in an impressively quick timeframe that allowed us to unveil our new look at Computex. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this endeavour.

We are clearly on the same page as Verbatim, as Paul, our Creative Director, fondly declaring:

Our collaboration with Verbatim was truly exceptional. The client really backed our vision and had a lot of faith in the end result. We were completely aligned with Verbatim on the destination of the project, and the collaboration was seamless, with both parties having absolute confidence in each other.

The new brand was revealed this week at the Taipei International Information Technology Show (COMPUTEX), one of the largest computer and technology trade shows worldwide. Displayed at the forefront of Verbatim’s stall, the “vision” symbol towered over the exciting display of products, paving the brand’s path into modernity. Dusted was thrilled to play an essential role in such a momentous rebrand that revived this renowned provider of reliable tech, bringing it back into people’s minds and souls.

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