Making double figures is always a significant milestone in life and today marks 10 years for Dusted.

Unlike Benjamin Tennyson I suspect we won’t be using our new ‘powers’ to fight crime and evil aliens, more the philosophy of Jaden Yuki and simply getting our game on.

At times it has felt like a decathlon, but reaching the 10-yard end zone has seen us fulfil more than just our own ten commandments and worrying about pre-teen problems. We have always strived to score the perfect ten. Not so much like Dudley Moore in the movie 10 but always in terms of our drive, discovery, design, development and delivery.

If we had an album out today we would probably call it Ten.

When Pearl Jam released their album Ten, it went onto to become their most commercially successful. LL Cool J and 10 hit a milestone in being the first artist ever on Def Jam to have ten albums. Whether this is the power of ‘ten’ or just ‘jam’ is a little unclear. Perhaps only the success of 10 from Wet Wet Wet and 10 from New Kids on the Block could clear that up.

Like even the best night out bowling, sometimes there have been a few of the ten pins left standing but if Dusted were the new forward for Barça we’d certainly be looking to inherit the number 10 jersey from Lionel Messi (and I would like to think our fees will always be more reasonable than those of Man Utd’s number 10). Happy birthday. Dusted.
Photo credit: Flickr user Photocapy