For obvious reasons, it’s a great time to build your interest in winter sports, so Dusted has done just that. This week, we took ‘willing’ volunteers from the Dusted crew and challenged them to complete a time trial in the winter sports game, Steep. There are several skiers at Dusted so you’d think this would be a breeze. Think again…

The rules of the challenge were simple – the fastest time to the finish line wins and everyone must use four modes of transport: ski, snowboard, wingsuit, and parachute. Of course, what the team might not have known when they started is that the finish line is located at the end of a frozen lake, leaving them to helplessly slide around for some amusing floundering near the end of the race. You can see the video of our heroically pathetic attempt at Steep in the video below, featuring crashing, falling, failing, colliding, collapsing, and a modicum of actual snow sports. Click below to watch!

In case you missed it, here are the results:

Ranking Dustedian Time
1 Ivo 9:28
2 Ollie 11:07
3 Tyler 12:18
4 Dave 12:55
5 Matt 17:32
6 John (disqualified) 13:21


So, Ivo wins! Congratulations, Ivo, you get the fabulous prize of a bitter pat on the back from your competition. Impressively, Ivo managed to finish more than eight minutes faster than Matt. Despite Matt’s, let’s say ‘casual’ time, he didn’t come in last because John, who was four minutes faster than Matt, failed to use a parachute in his run, preferring instead to faceplant the ground when ending a wingsuit trip. Sorry about that, John.

We hope you enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for more content from Dusted; we may end up reorganising our entire business strategy so that we only make this kind of content. Have any thoughts on that idea? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!