As part of our expert knowledge of Internet trends and cultural significance, we recently came to a prolific and scientifically world-shattering conclusion: cute animals on the Internet are popular.

We have since claimed this idea as our own, and was in part the inspiration behind our new film for Coreco, featuring Mouse the Boston Terrier as Bow! Check out the video below to witness his adorableness for yourself!

Thank you for watching the film (you’ve watched it, naturally)! Working with a one-year-old Boston Terrier was always going to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. While we spent half the day shooing off his adoring public, the other half involved applauding his ability to sit still for five seconds.

Bow the dog on monitor.
Our star, Mouse, sits still thanks to the power of an entire film crew wishing upon a star simultaneously.

The obvious problem for a script that calls for a small dog to hack a computer or teasingly dangle some keys is that dog appendages don’t often do what you want them to do. They may have been so realistic you never noticed, but we had fake dog legs made especially for the shoot (no part of the dog legs are made out of dog – or any other animal – don’t worry). Four days later, after we’d finished taking stupid pictures with them, they were ready for the shoot!

Bow the dog in doorway
“Hey. Door lady. You’re in my shot.”.

It might surprise you to find out that Bow is in no way a professionally trained dog. His owner, David Hite, has given him some basic training to the extent that he will sit and occasionally look in a direction. Despite the lack of RADA-esc dog-acting classes, Bow’s thespian skills stole the show (not to belittle the fine talents of Lee Brace and Cheryl Hopkins).

Lee and Bow the dog
Lee and Bow got on along very well!

The Dusted gang were heavily involved in the shooting, but what you may have missed, however, was the remarkable talent from Dusted director and co-founder, David Wall. Dave’s work as an extra is the weaving thread of the production, with subtle astral nuances that hold everything together (spot the exaggeration). Watch again with eyes peeled and you might just catch a decapitated Mr. Wall stumble out of a lift.

Lee stays in character
Ever the method actor, Lee stays in character even when the camera isn’t on him!

It is hugely satisfying for us to announce the release of the Coreco film, ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’, featuring Bow The Boston Terrier! If you enjoyed the video please do let us know with a like or share, we really do appreciate it!