A human-first brand for the utilities market with empathy built in.


Mecsia Group


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Getting to know you

We invested a whole lot of time at the start of the brand project to really get to know Mecsia – their commercial strategy, the leadership team, the service offer, their culture and the people throughout the company.

This approach us a true understanding that helps to define and pin point what makes them distinct and how best to celebrate it in their new brand language.

We ran a number of immersion sessions on this project that included a company onboarding, a demo sales pitch, one-to-one interviews with senior managment, brand personification workshops with employees throughout the business, client interviews, competitor analysis and an existing communications audit.

  • “Who doesn’t love a design driven client? We certainly do. The team at Mecsia knew they didnt want to follow the crowd and really appreciated the impact of a design driven brand. A vivid brand colour palette, bold type, emotive imagery and writing all combined to create this award winning work.”

    Paul Marten – Creative Director, Dusted

Telling the human story

In addressing Mecsia’s unique challenge, we strategically devised a design-led and visually disruptive website that stands out in the facilities management industry. The deliberate design-driven and photographic elements not only reflect Mecsia’s out-of-category behaviour but also convey their human-centric approach, emphasising the sense of community within their team and among customers.

Digital performance for Mecsia

The website prioritises user experience through simplicity and easy navigation. The inclusion of case studies further serves as a compelling starting point for showcasing Mecsia’s distinctiveness. To ensure seamless inquiries without system clogs, contact details take precedence over traditional contact forms. Essential integrations such as Google Maps, Google Analytics, and targeted search SEO fortify the website’s functionality.

Moreover, their brand promise of “Always there. Always on.” is visually articulated through two panels, each housing detailed insights into the essence of Mecsia’s commitment to service. The website not only stands out visually but also effectively communicates this industry-disruptive narrative.