The smart way to monitor your home's energy.


How do you create a brand name that adds value to your business?

Verv is an advanced home energy monitoring system that is taking energy monitors from ‘smart’ to ‘genius’. Green Runnings, the parent company of Verv came to us with a fantastic piece of technology and business strategy backed by Centrica. The brief was to create a name and brand to capture the attention of consumers in the already crowded ‘smart homes’ technology market.

Brand logo design Verv
Brand logo tablet Verv
Brand tablet design Verv
Brand welcome screen Verv


How we raised the bar for Verv.

Through a series of creative workshops, we focused on creating a name that felt and sounded like ‘energy’ – it needed to be distinctive, short and visually memorable. The logo design is based on a ‘pulse’ of energy which echoes the ‘V’ of the product name and brings to life the idea of monitoring the heartbeat of your home. As part of the App design we created a set of bespoke icons to simplify the user interface, allowing easy navigation through the complex and detailed monitoring process.


Verv receives £1.2 million in crowd-funding, bringing on board over 1000 investors


App of the year at the Business Green Tech Awards 2018

Brand mobile device Verv
brand motto Verv
Brand icon design Verv


“The strategy, naming and conceptual process was extremely rewarding, the thinking and creative execution just brought our whole business brand to life, allowing us to create a real stand out brand in the marketplace.”

Peter Davies – CEO, Verv


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