A brand for a business where success matters.


How do you create a unified brand to promote a diversity of business services?

Crestbridge are a leading global administration, management and corporate governance solutions business.

They have seen huge year-on-year growth, including new offices, new territories and new services. The side-effect of this success meant the brand has struggled to keep pace, it didn’t align with today’s business or help them to achieve their future goals. Our task was to deliver a new brand to position them as a dynamic, innovative and leading global business on the up.

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How we raised the bar for Crestbridge.

A key driver was to create a brand proposition to strengthen the sense of a ‘one Crestbridge’ business – covering off the diversity of clients, locations and service offerings. Our organising idea ‘because success matters’ formed the heart of our strategic approach, aligning to the core need of their clients ‘trusted delivery’.

Conceptual imagery defines the new identity, we called it ‘absolute focus’ to reflect the precision and accuracy of their skillset whilst visually creating a bold and vibrant design style.


Increase in mobile visitors to the company website in a 6 month period


An increase of over 1000 social references since the rebranded website launched

Brand visual identity Crestbridge
Brand desktop design Crestbridge
Brand print design Crestbridge
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