How a dog reached over 350k people on social.


How do you get more customers to complete the sales journey faster?

Coreco is one of the UKs leading mortgage advisors aiming to challenge the preconceived ideas of what a mortgage adviser is.

The brief began with Coreco asking us to address a common pain point for customers in the mortgage application process; missing paperwork. Without the right paperwork applications, at best will delay the process and at worse not be successful in their application. All very important but not that engaging in reality – we needed to find a creative way to connect with their young, media perceptive target audience with this useful financial advice.

Marketing desktop screen Coreco
Marketing storyboard Coreco
Marketing video shooting Coreco
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How we raised the bar for Coreco.

After analysing the target audiences, we decided an online video would be the most effective method to create engagement. Research into market trends pointed us toward the concept of developing a comedic video, featuring the story of a customer aided by their roguish pet Boston Terrier. By sharing the video on targeted social channels such as Facebook ads, influencer outreach and email marketing, we raised awareness of the Coreco brand and drove traffic to the content hub.


Facebook and Twitter have been viewed more than 50,000 times


95% increase in contact page visits

Marketing shooting Coreco
Marketing video production Coreco
Marketing background schedule Coreco


“Dusted have done a wonderful job supporting Coreco since our inception. They have been helpful, honest and come up with loads of ideas on how to help build our whole online presence and more recently, our new brand. We are very happy to recommend their work.”

Andrew Montlake – Brand Director & Press Spokesperson, Coreco


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