Creating a recognisable difference.


How do you keep your marketing fresh and stand-out?

Crestbridge are a leading global administration, management & corporate governance solutions business.

Crestbridge has seen huge year-on-year growth, including new offices, new territories and new service offers. The side effect of this success meant the brand and marketing materials have struggled to keep pace with the dynamic change. Our task was to roll-out the new brand vision across a range of corporate communications internally and externally bringing their marketing to life.

Marketing visual identity Crestbridge
Marketing rollup design Crestbridge


How we raised the bar for Crestbridge.

With any brand refresh there’s always a great opportunity to elevate the marketing mix by bringing fresh thinking, new formats and alternative channels. For Crestbridge it was the perfect platform to roll-out and express the new brand, design style and segmented messaging to their key stakeholders. Our solution consisted of a rich and vivid look-and-feel combined with a characterful tone of voice to help them create a distinctive personality and consistent style in all the materials produced.


Increase in new visitors to the redesigned website


Increase in session duration since the website redesign and launch

Marketing mobile screen Crestbridge
Marketing poster design Crestbridge
Marketing printed materials design Crestbridge


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